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Calgary Car Insurance: What Can Happen To You Without It ( admin posted on September 24th, 2014 )

 You can go to jail or lose your license if you drive without your car insurance Calgary. More than the risk of getting into legal trouble because you are driving without insurance, you may be required more financial obligations than you ever expected. The penalties for driving without Edmonton insurance may vary according to what the state or city requires, but the general provisions remain the same. One this is for certain: if you are driving without an Edmonton auto insurance policy, you may have a lot of problems ahead of you.

Penalties for driving without insurance may vary, but the provisions in this list are true wherever you may be driving. When you are driving without insurance, you can:

  • Get your license suspended, and for very good reasons.
  • Get your vehicle registration suspended, so you won’t be able to drive without security.
  • Get a traffic violation ticket for driving without insurance.
  • Get pulled over at the side of the road, where you can be charged of anything and everything apart from driving without insurance.
  • Get through the long lines and endure every step of the process to get your license back. More often than not, it would take you more than a day to get it.
  • Get someone really hurt, because you are driving without insurance and you got yourself in an accident.
  • Get into the risk of killing someone while driving on the road without insurance. How do you deal with that?
  • Get to deal with hefty traffic fines. They could really be huge that will strip you off a pay check.

There are just some of the most common penalties that you have to deal with when you drive without auto insurance Calgary. There could be more to this list and you can get into more trouble than you can handle. Can you really deal with all these? Or wouldn’t it be more simple if you got yourself the auto insurance coverage that you are required? Not only will it be a lot cheaper, but the process can be a lot simpler too. Which would you rather have?

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