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One in three customers usually pays too much for their car insurance cover. Car insurance is very essential and most companies cover for accidents, theft, damage caused to other vehicles and property on the road and any harm caused to people along the road. Residents in various regions in Alberta Canada like Calgary, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Grand Prairie, Lethbridge and Medicine and Red Deer can save a lot by taking a few steps when taking any form of auto insurance. In most cases, young people pay higher premiums as they are considered to be riskier than older people.

Higher premiums are usually paid when an insurance company perceives you to cause more risk. However, consumers can find cheaper insurance by following these simple ways.

1. Comparison shop

The greatest mistakes most consumes do to their finances is take an insurance cover without doing some price comparison. Getting a cheaper insurance can be very easy if people took their time and did a comparison of the many insurance agents available in the regions of Albert Canada. The only issue is sorting the companies out and getting the best rates that cover most of your needs. You can do an online search and take notes on various agents. Compare them and choose the one that best fits your needs.

2. Move to a region with low crimes.

If taking a cover against theft then living in a low crime area will help you get a cheaper premium. Various regions in Alberta Canada are safe but get the right information and move to a region that is safer. This way, the company will lower the amount of premiums you pay. However, you can make secure parking for your car and this will be considered by most agents. The Insurance Bureau of Canada explains this, see their article about Top 10 Most Stolen Cars – 2013. To appreciate the source of information, see what the Consumer Information of Canada has to say about Auto Insurance, click here and the Canadian Automobile Association is according to Wikipedia, click here.


If you commute a short distance from home to work then your likely going to get a lower premium as the chances of an accident are reduced by the time you stay on the road.

3. Add a responsible person as your second driver

This is one way to lower the cost of premiums even if the persons added will not use the car so often. This works best where the driver added is of greater experience and responsible. In cases where young people are taking a cover, adding your dad or mum will tremendously lower the amount you pay.

4. Pay your premiums yearly

Consumers have to know paying their premiums on a monthly basis is usually expensive when compared to yearly premiums. The cost usually increases when paying monthly due to the interest rate. If you can’t afford to pay once, look for a credit card with a low interest rate or even get a zero percent credit card.

5. Always stay loyal

Loyalty means a lot in any businesses. There are several bonuses and prizes that can be won by remaining loyal to your company. Insurers usually increase the amount of premiums they charge on customers each year. If you’re about to renew your cover, write it down in your diary and compare it to other sites. Call your agent and see if you will get a better deal especially if you have never had any accident. Most insurers do not increase the cost of premiums paid by loyal customers. Before deciding who to start off your long time loyalty with, do some research, and Google ” Car Insurance Calgary Reviews. Just change the search phrase to match your area, so if you were in Lethbridge or Edmonton or Red Deer, or other, you would replace that city with your own, and then enter your Google Search. Yelp is a fantastic review site providing valuable insights from current and past customer experiences. Additionally when considering a broker you can check their online social presence and get a feel of the company culture and how they interact with their customers and the community. A search for this may be “Auto Insurance Broker Calgary Facebook

VIDEO: Online Calgary Car Insurance Quotes | Sharp Insurance Is A New Approach To Auto Insurance.


There is no need to pay too much for your car or motorcycle insurance. Getting information on various insurers and their rates is very essential in getting the best and possibly cheapest car insurance quote and deal.

To learn more about fair rates for auto insurance in Alberta, see the Alberta Motor Association.

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